Artefact: Semiomorph is a digital game that explores “semiotic morphism”, a “systematic translation between sign systems” in which signified messages can be mapped onto various signifiers, multiplying and mutating instances of semiosis. The term captures the shape-shifting plasticity of relationships between sound, image, text, and users in virtual worlds; the interactions through which meaning is made, transformed and remade dynamically and synaesthetically in real time.

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Artefact is an installation of interactive objects and spaces that deconstruct the language of electronic games. The shift in perception between the real and the simulated is explored by accentuating errors, or "artefacts", in the representation of reality. These works explore the dynamic between the iconic ideal and the personal specific, duality and multiplicity, and the way in which our identity is shaped by our language and communication.

Click here for the catalogue essay- My Tamagotchi Won’t Die: Living in the Artefactual World by Darren Tofts.

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The interactive sculptures of Artefact: Mixed Reality are extrusions of the virtual into the real, modelled after the icons and characters of computer games. Their shiny, plastic form is both familiar and disorientating as the reality shift is reversed, accentuating our own ontological remediation. The physical presence of these virtual objects is part of an ongoing exchange between the real and the simulated.

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This project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its art funding and advisory body.